This Soda is 25 meters South from La Fortuna´s central park, a place of typical Costa Rican food, you can buy a casado for C2500 drink included.
Is an American restaurant, Californian type, the food is great, they have a good variety of dishes, it is very recommended for tourists, the menu is in dollars, recommended for groups of friends.

It is located on 464th street in La Fortuna Town, the attention hours are, from 10am to 11pm, has a variety of dishes, from chicken, rice with shrimps,…

It is located across from La Fortuna´s central Park, north side, it is a restaurant and bar with great nightlife, have very good “snacks”, including “chifrijo”.

Tropical Lounge Bar offers you the convenience of enjoying our delicious dishes with the best of Costa Rican cuisine and comfort of Arenal Hostel Resort.